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You might feel the need to take a stand. Be willing to call a spade a spade, especially if this behaviour involves a key associate. A partner supports you in a financial or emotional decision. Tonight: A force to be dealt with. The breadth of your vision could be far greater than you or others realize. Perhaps you need to discuss your thoughts more frequently in the appropriate company.


You'll gain even more information, thereby adding to your mental security. Tonight: Out and about. You could be tired and not as sure of yourself as you might like.

A loved one might be quite challenging without understanding the implications of his or her words or actions. You might need to hold up a yellow light to slow this person down.

Tonight: Be a duo. Defer to others; listen to what's being shared. You're able to make greater changes once you integrate others' thinking. A purchase or interaction around your home makes you smile. Share the good vibes. Tonight: Say yes to an offer. You need to keep your nose to the grindstone. You have a lot to do.

Your intensity marks a decision whether you like it or not. You'll be able to frame what occurs in a manner that feels comfortable. Tonight: Put your feet up; relax. Your playfulness keeps breaking through, no matter how serious you might be. Understand what's happening; try to don a more appropriate facade in certain situations.

Express your positive attitude. You'll enjoy yourself beyond what you believed possible if you stay close to home. Venus moves into your sign, adding to your allure and desirability. You'll feel the need to naturally indulge a favourite person.

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Tonight: Let the fun go on. Speak your mind; be clear about what's occurring around you. A neighbour or close loved one whispers what could be gossip in your ear. Test the airwaves; get feedback about the lay of the land.

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Daily Sun Sign Horoscope

The results could surprise you. Tonight: At a favourite haunt. You might want to be serious and maintain a business-as-usual demeanour. You cannot help but smile at some news or a happening that you might not choose to share yet. Your instincts prove to be excellent. Be willing to relax and have a discussion that might be long overdue.

Daily Sun Sign Horoscope

Ask yourself what is going on around you. Tonight: As you like. This Week: You might be flattered by another person. Still, stay centred.

You often don't look around and judge what is happening. You have many friends who have varied interests. Accept an odd invitation that might expand your circle of friends. A child or loved one could feel threatened. Tonight: All play. This Week: You might be capable of understanding a loved one quite well. Stay open to this person. Touch base with loved ones. How you feel about a certain matter could change after a discussion.

Bring family together for a special meal.

Horoscope for Friday, September 6, 12222

Get into the closeness. Tonight: Share more with a loved one. This Week: You have more control than you are aware of. Go for what you want. Reach out for a friend at a distance. You might want to spend some time chatting and catching up. Be authentic and share. Make plans to visit with an elder relative or friend for a late brunch. Tonight: Let it all hang out. You understand what is expected from you. Whether you choose to meet expectations is your call.

A partner or wannabe sweetie would like to spend more time with you. Tonight: Respond to another person's stature. This Week: You often put your best foot forward. At a certain point, you will not be so easygoing.

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You make an effort toward family and loved ones, which is most appreciated. You might feel pushed by others to join in when you aren't sure of what you want. Be polite but don't say yes unless you want to. Tonight: Respond to another person's request. This Week: You could want to pull apart a problem that keeps reappearing.