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And now she just broke up with Benjamin Bratt, her companion for over 3 and half years. She is the most successful actress in the world, is enchantingly charming and hypnotically beautiful.

But when it comes to men, she has had only painful heartbreaks. What's wrong with Julia? Perhaps nothing is wrong with Julia.

Perhaps the problem is that in this world, finding true love is both the most rewarding and difficult thing in life to achieve. Although finding true love is very difficult, we believe that this world is designed by a Benevolent Providence who wants us to be happy and find true love. We believe God Providence has given all of us the ability to find happiness in love -- but we have to learn how to do it. The Magi Society believes that astrology was designed by Providence and He designed it in such a way that the stars give us signs of whether or not a person is good or bad for us.

If we heed these signs, we can avoid heartbreak. But in order to heed the signs, we have to first recognize the signs, and know what is a good sign and a bad sign. And this is where Magi Astrology comes in. We believe that if you master Magi Astrology, you will be able to recognize the astrological signs of true love as well as the signs of wishful thinking. This is crucial because wishful thinking is the first step towards devastating heartbreak. Ever since a man and woman first fell in love, humankind has tried to find ways to predict whether or not the love would be lasting.

Now as we begin a new Millennium and Magi Astrology, we finally know how to do this. Magi Astrology has improved the astrology of love by light years. We now know that the keys to accurately predicting the most likely outcome of a romantic relationship are Chiron and the Linkages and Clashes made in the CAC formed by the two persons. You can now use Magi Astrology to evaluate any relationship and accurately predict the most likely outcome. Two times in just 8 years, Julia Roberts threw her all into a romance, dreamed an impossible dream, and had to deal with a relationship that ended in heartbreak.

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But Magi Astrology could have saved her, if only she had used it. She could have avoided both heartbreaks. The black planets represent the positions of the planets when Julia was born and the red planets represent the positions of the planets when Lyle was born.

As we keep saying, Linkages are the most reliable astrological signs of romantic interest and attraction. Both men made nearly the same set of Linkages with her. Both men formed two strong Sexual Linkages with her. Although Chiron is not a Sexual Planet, as we explained in our third book published in , a Linkage of these two planets forms the strongest possible sexual attraction and is therefore a Sexual Linkage.

Or if you are unable to talk to them, those of you who are unattached could go and find someone with whom you form the Mars-Chiron Linkage and find out for yourself. But after you do, please don't blaze saddles in order to tell us "It's true! It's true! Turbulent Combined Planetary Geometry is the most reliable astrological sign that two persons will be attracted to each other but are incompatible.

Turbulent Combined Planetary Geometry is a reliable astrological sign of both the incompatibility and attraction that generally results in a relationship that ends in a breakup. While it is not difficult to calculate midpoints by hand, it can be very very time consuming The Magi Society has special computer software designed for Magi Astrology.

All of the actual charts on this website and our third book were created using this software and it is called MagiSoft. However, all of our high-end "Professional Versions" are available only to members of the Magi Society. If you would like information about our software and how to obtain it, or about becoming a member of our society please email us at: Magiastro aol.

Clay's Natal Planetary Synchronizations indicate his gifted nature.

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One consisting of Sun, Jupiter, Chiron and Venus Ordinarily, the planetary synchronization consisting of the largest number of planets will be the most important. Magi Astrology helps you to understand the alignments in a person's chart more accurately. Notice too that the Venus Chiron midpoint would be on Jupiter A Planetary Eclipse is much much more powerful than a mere doubling of the symbolism indicated We can analyze this synchronization even further.

Notice that Mercury is at the midpoint of Mars and Neptune Clay's Heliocentric chart indicated that he could become Super Famous When we look at Clay's Planetary Geometry in Heliocentric Longitude, we find another synchronization As per all books published by the Magi Society, and all charts on this website, we use a noon time when we are not sure of an exact birth-time.

The Moon can move anywhere between 12 to 15 degrees in a day , in longitude In Helio Longitude, Mercury moves about 3 degrees in a 24 hour period. In this particular case, it is worth noting, because while Mercury is at We know that Clay has a 'Golden Tone' to his voice But it is also possible that Clay was born a bit earlier, and that Helio Mercury is closer to the A triple parallel is the Declinational or Latitude equivalent of a Grand Trine So were there indicators as to which one could 'win'.

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It's clear that their charts show that both men had the astrological indicators which would empower them to be able to be great singers. What would be the 'deciding' factors?

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  8. The Transits that Clay and Ruben were having at the time of the Finale can help us to understand the trends that they were most likely to encounter. If you will recall, when we looked at the elections of , we noted two important principles. The most important principle was this In lieu of being able to study the Nomination Chart though, we also learned that , because Magi Astrology is consistent, the TRANSITS that a person is having at the time of an election are also a reliable 'clue' with regard to the trends that they are likely to encounter at that time.

    This makes sense because it would be illogical if the nomination chart were to point strongly towards a person being able to succeed, if their transits at the time of the election would be very bad. With regard to Clay, Ruben and all of the other contestants on American Idol, the KEY chart would have been the day that the producers would have contacted them and informed them that they had been chosen from the auditions. The chart of the day that they actually auditioned, and the linkages and clashes that it would have made to their charts would have indicated whether or not they were likely to be cast.

    But since we don't have their 'casting' dates, we can look at the transits that each of them was having at the time of the finale But one of them may have been having stars that were just that bit more sparkling at that time Ruben was having more Cinderella Transits at the time of the Finale. However, we need to look closely. Venus in Declination in Ruben's chart would be at In the Geocentric Dimension, Planets stop and change direction in Declination as well as in Longitude.

    Just as planets in Geocentric Longitude stop and change direction, planets in Declination do as well. In the manuals to our advanced software packages, we include special lessons in Magi Astrology which cover concepts such as Incompleted Transits and Focus Aspects. We can be sure of this.

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    While we do not know Ruben's exact time of birth, Saturn in Declination on the day he was born only moved from What we cannot be percent sure of is the precise position of Venus in Ruben's chart. On that day, Venus moved from Because of this, it is most likely that Chiron's Declinational station was occurring much tighter to Venus For example: the chart of the sky 35 days after you were born looked at alone is read as the chart of your pure progressions for your 35th year.

    This chart's applying linkages and clashes define the major stellar influences of the time. Both types of Progressions are stronger than Transits and influence on how you experience your transits. Good progressions sweeten good transits and soften bad transits. Bad progressions weaken good transits somewhat and make bad transits worse. Pure Progressions are stronger than Progressed Transits. The most stunning progressions are multi-planet pure progressions which form Planetary Geometry. Projection: Also Midpoint Projection.

    Refers to the further of the two points which are exactly equidistant in degrees between two planets. Proximity Enhancement: Planetary aspects strengthened by especially tight orbs. With any two planets except Saturn, any aspect tighter than 0. Pure Enhancements: Aspects formed by conjunction, trine or parallel. Pure enhancements are considered to be stronger and more helpful than other enhancements such as the quincunx, contra-parallel and contra-latitude. Pure Progressions: Are calculated by advancing a natal chart one day for each year of time.

    Quadralize: The process of combining to form a Magi Quad. Relationship Chart: The astrological chart of a personal relationship. Initially, a relationship is ruled by the Meeting Chart. When the couple becomes lovers, they are ruled by the Love Chart. When they become engaged, they are ruled by the Engagement Chart. When a couple marries, they are ruled by the Wedding Chart. If they divorce, the Divorce Chart is the ruling chart. Get an Instant Relationship Chart Report. Retrograde: In the geocentric dimension, when a planet appears to reverse its direction and move backward.

    Also known as Retrograde Motion. Magi Society research into retrograde planets has found them most often, but not always, to be highly beneficial in Natalizations. Romance Aspect: An aspect formed by 2 Romance Planets. Indicates potential for romantic feelings, but is not indicative of True Love unless one of the planets is Chiron. Romantic Dragon: A dragon made up of Romance Planets. A Romantic Dragon can signify True Love.

    Rare and powerful indicator of love. Romantic Super-Linkages indicate True Love. Also known as RSL's.